Friday, June 29, 2007

Not so Taste of London

Imagine this scene…. After a relaxing morning, I have just watched an impressive game of rugby in a atmospheric walkabout pub... the AB’s have just beaten the saffies and I have been sipping on a couple of the best NZ brew available - speights!..... and in case this wasn’t enough already to make for a perfect day I was then heading to Taste of London, a rather prestigious food and wine event in London held at Regents Park….. or was I??

Things had a fairly abrupt turn about for me this day when I managed to lose my footing at the top of a stairwell leading to an Underground station at Charing Cross station so instead of wining and dining on some of the best tastes of London I spent an eventful evening at the A&E ward at St Thomas Hospital with only the taste of my own blood!

On reflection I believe I have been incredibly lucky… Even tho I have knocked my head around a bit, have a gash above eyebrow, cut lip and the general look that I have been used as a punch bag along with a severely fractured thumb I find it rather amazing that I have walked away so lightly considering the fall because other than a few weeks of some pain and discomfort all should be back to normal after a few weeks and will be getting hand therapy weekly which should mean full use of that again too – I guess that's another of my 9 lives used up :)

A huge appreciation to the Ambulance crew and hospital staff who took such good care of me and to Caroline who stayed by my side the whole time… and held my hand when I had my stitches done :)

A rather dramatic way to get a week off work I know and next year I think I will just take a cab to taste of London! below is a pic of me a few days after the event and I hope to be looking gorgeous again soon!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Scottish Wedding - June 9, 2007

I had just arrived in Africa on Jan 3 when I received the text from James informing me of his & Rhondas plans for a June 9 wedding to take place in Scotland – and 6 months down the track I had the pleasure of being a part of this momentus occassion at Loch Torridon, Inverness. -

(In adhering to the rules of “what goes on tour stays on tour” this blog reflects a somewhat edited version of my weekend!).

Sinead, Ger and I made our way to Inverness via train, plane and automobile and arrived early evening to some of the most beautiful landscapes you will see in the UK, a fabulous castle called Loch Torridon and a bar that would make a whisky lover drool. Over the next few hours we ate seafood which rivals that from down under, mingled with fellow wedding guests, sampled the whisky and mellowed out with the location - a rather refined entry to the weekend.


James & Rhonda are one of the most inspirational couple I know – 2 fabulous individuals, who make one amazing couple – and here I was at their wedding day!

The weather was outstanding and we started the day with a scrummy brekky including the best haggis I have ever come across (everything was locally sourced/made) and then went for a walk around the loch where we managed to pick up a couple of dogs along the way that provided us with our entertainment... it was then back to Loch Torridon to get changed, toast Gers bday and have that necessary pre-wedding champagne…

The ceremony was at 4pm out on the front lawn by the loch – all the men were wearing kilts, the woman looked fine and Rhonda looked simply stunning (truly the belle of the ball)…

The evening seemed to continue on forever… there was champagne, whisky, fine food, Scottish dancing, cigars, more champagne, cutting of the cake, playing rugby/ bulrush on the front lawn (and on reflection probably should have changed out of my dress!) more dancing and laughing until it all becomes a bit blurry around the edges (a sign of a good party!)

The next day I was certainly feeling rough and the trip back to London was indeed a challenge! I felt sad to be at the end of such a great weekend and have to say goodbye to everyone…

What I remember most about the weekend, was the beautiful wedding of 2 people I care very much for, a fabulous group of their friends and family whom I really wish I could have spent more time with, a stunning location with views rivalling even my home country and that feeling of having experienced something quite special (well ok… except for that hangover!)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

EQUUS - aka Harrys bits

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

I have seen and enjoyed many plays and musicals during my time in London and also lucky to have seen many wonderful actors such as Kristin Scott Thomas, Patrick Swayze, Christian Slater, Martin Henderson, Juliette Lewis, Kevin Spacey, Joseph Fiennes… and the list goes on!

Last night, I saw a play called Equus which I thought was simply stunning! The key parts were played by Daniel Radcliffe (AKA Harry Potter) and Richard Griffiths (AKA Harry Potters uncle amongst other roles). The story line is rather simple in that it is the story of a young boy who has blinded six horses in a random act of violence and begins therapy sessions with a psychologist who is trying to understand what is going on with the boy - however the play is much more complex and incredibly moving as you begin the journey into the boys mind and emotions. Everything about this play - acting, story, set etc is wonderful and I am so pleased I had the opportunity to see it in the short time it has been scheduled (just 6 months).

Before seeing the play, it was well known that harry bares his rear for a scene and he did not fail to disappoint tho I hadn't expected him to actually bare all….. (but who am I to complain!?)

Other news of the week - had my first game of tennis for 2007 on Monday eve! I didn’t disgrace myself too much (Mum, you may have a decent match on your hands when you come over at Xmas!) and I just love the sound of people playing tennis in the summer - its so relaxing :)

Off to Inverness tomorrow for James & Rhondas Wedding! more than a little excited!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Summer has finally arrived!

The All Blacks first game (and win!) of the international season against the frogs made for an excellent start to my weekend as you would expect... but we also had the best day yet of the 2007 English Summer - was simply stunning. Plans went out the window and 2 kiwis, 2 ozzies, 1 saffie, 1 german and 1 english rose gathered for an impromptu bbq in Steve & Hels back yard - made for a lovely arvo of fabulous foord, company, conversation and my first sunburn of the season!

As I currently look out my window the skies look a little cloudy.... but cant complain as today has also been beautiful weather wise... had a long and very overdue catch up with "Cool Aunty Jo" this morning and then a lovely run around the River Thames this arvo passing my fave spots of london in the summer! Has been a very social and enjoyable weekend and capping it off now with the productive bit and updating my site!

Back on the Court!

I had my first game of netball last week after 9 years - the last time I played was in NZ! Was such a buzz! The first half was more than a bit dodgy but I was really amazed just how quickly things came back to me - by the 2nd half it was like I had never stopped (okay well apart from the fact that I was a shadow of my former talent) - Most important thing was that I had a ball!

In this weeks game I managed a few bruises and twisted knee but the worst part was that it was me who was penalised!!! (it wasn’t my fault honest…!) The last couple of weeks have brought back a number of memories about being involved with team sport (good & bad) but it has reminded me just how much I miss it...

The week was topped off nicely with a long bank weekend... I spent 1 night visiting a friend down south of London (where there are actually trees and open spaces), the following with a another good friend in North London and 1 night with Steve & Hels watching the newly released Pirates of the Caribbean, eating Turkish, and generally trying to keep out of the nasty cold & rainy snap that is interrupting our summer in London…

Piccy is of the kitty kat who lives down south and has no name!?